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How to get your Tickets for 2021 Season (NOW ON SALE)

Use either 1) 2) or 3) as shown below.

Ticket Prices Remain as Last Year
Adult £60   OAP £40   Junior £10    Craigendunton Key £10

1)  Club WebMaster Site ( webmaster@kilmarnockanglingclub.co.uk )
Apply giving your name, address, postcode and contact phone number, advising if you require an Adult, Pensioner or Junior ticket and we will get back to you regarding your ticket enquiry

2) Facebook Page (facebook - select Kilmarnock Angling Club with Flag)
Apply giving your name, address, postcode, and contact phone number, advising if you require an Adult, Pensioner or Junior ticket and we will get back to you regarding your ticket enquiry

3) Ticket Hot Line (07305 770187)
As the phone is not manned 24/7, leave a brief message along with your name, address, postcode and contact phone number, advising if you require an Adult, Pensioner or Junior ticket and we will get back to you regarding your ticket enquiry.





 FROM 10 am TO 4 pm





To all Kilmarnock Angling Club Members – July 2020

Let me start by saying a massive thank you to all our fellow members old and new for helping to make this a massive season for the KAC as our membership numbers have gone through the roof and to coin a phrase “we’re on fire”.

However with this fantastic achievements comes an increased responsibility that each and every one of us must accept and embrace in the rules and constitution clearly laid down and accepted by us all when becoming a permit holder plus all subsequent instructions which have been issued on an ongoing basis during the season due to the coronavirus situation and the circumstances which have currently ensued, these changes are not, repeat not, optional but are mandatory and each member must adhere to them otherwise they will be in breech of the KAC code of conduct and may face disciplinary action.

On the first of June this year with the easing of some coronavirus lockdown rules by the the Scottish Government we were all allowed to resume our angling activities on our river and tributaries and Craigendunton Reservoir but under strict rules and laws which must be 100% adhered to otherwise we’d revert back to the previous Stage 1 lockdown situation which I’m sure none of us would wish for.

KAC were required by Scottish Water to issue a method statement reference sanitisation, car parking, strict enforcement of no car sharing rules except with someone who permanently resides at the same address as the driver and social distancing. We drew up these documents which were approved and we were subsequently allowed to resume angling under strict adherence to the letter of that method statement and failure to comply could affect our tenancy agreement which could lead to the KAC losing the fishing’s rights. All these instructions were clearly conveyed to all our membership via our web site, Facebook and were also clearly posted adjacent to the farmers gate and the car park container door plus the table inside the container.
Unfortunately, and despite all our best efforts some members have decided that these rules did not apply to them and chose to ignore them forcing the club to issue them with warnings which they seem to have understood and are abiding by them.

However. it is sad to report that others are still choosing to think that the rules don’t apply to them and when confronted actively choose to lie about their passenger’s residencies placing the club’s tenancy yet again at risk so for the avoidance of doubt, we repeat for the final time

Each and every member must adhere completely to the rules including all our coronavirus edicts as it’s not an option - its mandatory especially car sharing of any description except by the one previously stated Scottish Government residency rule.

Don’t try to subvert this rule as we can check records and take retrospective action against those who choose to break them as no member is above the law.

Finally, many thanks to you, the vast majority of our membership, who are stringently abiding by the coronavirus rules and protecting themselves and their fellow members against this pandemic and of course protecting our great club which is now in its 131st year.

Tight lines and remember stay safe on your angling journeys - were all in this together.

Sandy Logan – President KAC  


     Scottish Water Fishing Lease Covid 19
              Craigendunton Reservoir.

To all members.

Each member must individually take responsibility to ensure their own wellbeing whilst carrying out your fishing activities in an appropriate way to help prevent the spread of the virus and to help keep your fellow anglers and all others safe. It is very important that all fishing activities follow the Government guidance on Covid-19 (copy in container for perusal) and so long as this is being done, fishing can continue on Scottish Water’s Reservoirs.

Any verified breaches of the Government guidelines will be investigated by Scottish Water and will have serious consequences for the individuals and the Club

Scottish Government rules each member must sanitise their hands using their own personal sanitiser prior to opening and closing all access gates when traveling to and from the reservoir and accessing the Club container, thus enabling you to take the necessary actions to protect yourself, plus our neighbours and others from Covid19 who may use the same gates.
In line with the Scottish government track and trace regulations and the written rules and regulations as stated in your permit, the club are required to keep a daily activity log. Every member must sign in and out on the club register, just inside the container where hand sanitizer is provided for your use. There is no requirement for members to enter the container as the register is on the table right at the door.
So if you don’t sign in no fishing is allowed.

All members must park their vehicles as per the three diagrams on the club Facebook and Web pages and signage at reservoir, to ensure a minimum 2 metre distancing is adhered, also a copy of these parking diagrams is available for your inspection on the container table adjacent to the signing in log.

All anglers must use their own nets.

When traveling to and from angling it is mandatory and in line with Scottish Government rules that only one angler per car is strictly adhered to, the only exception is another person who is in permanent residence at same address as the driver.





Reservoir Closure Update Thursday 28th May 2020

Scottish Water have advised the Club that Craigendunton Reservoir will open for fishing on Monday 1st June under strict Coronavirus Regulations –
details of these will be posted on the Club web site / facebook, access gates and container before fishing start day.

No fishing allowed before this date and access gates will remained
locked until 1st June




The Club has received a directive from Scottish Water to close down all fishing activities with immediate effect for the foreseeable future.

The situation with this virus is clearly ongoing and constantly changing and it is hoped we can get back to normal as soon as possible.

However, in the meantime please make sure you follow the Government’s guidance and experts advise and keep safe.

We will update the Club website and face book page as necessary if and when there are any further developments.

KAC Committee


With the ongoing Coronavirus COVID-19, WG 13 is closed until further Notice.
No Season Tickets will be available for sale there.

If you require a season ticket please contact the dedicated phone number 07305 770187.

This number will not be manned 24/7 so if no answer leave a message and we will get back to you.

KAC Committee.


Kilmarnock Angling Club season ticket sales

The Club will continue to sell tickets at WG13, 13 West George Street, Kilmarnock (opposite Fanny by Gaslight Pub), 6pm till 8pm, on the following dates:

Monday 23rd March
Monday 6 & 20th April
Monday 4 & 18th May
Monday 1 & 15th June 

Tickets sales after June date TBA, keep an eye on the website and Facebook.


Pre-Season -Meeting Raffle & Prize Giving

Our Pre season meeting will be held on Friday 6th March at the Kay Park Bowling Club starting at 7pm. The evening is open to all, whether members or not, so why not bring along a friend – all very welcome.

The evening will consist of the cup presentation to the 2019 competition winners, the ever-popular raffle, free raffle draw on entry and a free season ticket to 1 lucky angler, who is there on the night, drawn from those who made a 2019 migratory fish return.

The entrance charge of £2 for adults and £1 for juniors covers the buffet supplied on the night
The venue is confirmed -the food is organised – the raffle prizes are organised– the raffle tickets are ready – the season ticket sales are ready – so all we need is your attendance to make it a most enjoyable night.

We hope you can make it to the evening as the Club needs your support.
Season Ticket Sales: In addition to the dates at WG13 shown below season tickets will be on sale at our Pre-Season meeting on Friday 6th March at the Kay park Bowling Club
We trust you have a good and enjoyable forthcoming season.



Revised KAC AGM will be held in the Kay Park Bowling Club on 
Sunday 19th January starting at 6.30pm


Important  New Arrangement for Season Ticket Sales 2020
The Club has been given permission by the CVO for evening access to their town centre WG 13 premises at certain times for us to sell the tickets
Tickets will be on sale at the WG13, 13 West George Street, Kilmarnock (opposite Fanny by Gaslight Pub) only on Monday evenings from 6pm to 8pm during December, January February and March and at the Clubs pre-season meeting on Friday 6th March 2020 at Kay Park Bowling Club.

Ticket evenings at WG13
December 9th and 16th
January 13th and 27th
February 10th and 17th and 24th
March 2nd and 9th

Ticket evening at Pre-Season meeting – Kay Park Bowling Club
Friday 6th March 2020
The Club is continuing to explore how we will sell our membership tickets after March – please check the Club web site / face book for updates
We fully appreciate this new arrangement is not as flexible as previous years but trust the membership accepts it as we need a venue to sell our tickets
For members who cannot make the evening sessions, especially our Associate Member who are well out with the general Kilmarnock / East Ayrshire area, we have set up a dedicated phone number for any issues on ticket purchases – 07305 770187
This number will not be manned 24/7 so if no answer leave a message and we will get back to you

Alternatively. as second options use the Kilmarnock Angling web site on
webmaster@kilmarnockanglingclub.co.uk or the Clubs Facebook Page




More improvement work carried out by Colin & Rogie at Caprington.

Great work Lads, much appreciated




To All Members
The locked access gate has been moved to 100 metres from the concrete bridge that crosses the Dunton burn and the club padlock will be fixed to the new gate.

The Farmers gate is still there at the farm  but will not be locked  - Please ensure you keep it closed after you pass through.

The Club will erect a sign after Craigendunton House to remind anglers of the new locked gate and the no parking and  no u turn restrictions at the new gate location.




November 2018

Dear Member,

The end of another season on 15th November and we hope you did well, even allowing for the very hot summer, the poor back end weather and the restrictions placed on us in the trout stocking programme for the river.

 2018 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on Thursday 15th November 2018 at Kay Park Bowling Club – starting 7 pm. It is important that as many members as possible attend so as we can update you on what has been happening during the season and what actions are to be considered for 2019.

We will cover the Hatchery, Financials, River and Reservoir, to name but 4 items, plus any other matters that arise. We need your input, as members, to discuss the direction we should travel in 2019.

The Club has taken positive steps during 2018 to maintain the stocking levels, hatchery operations and other items, all on a reduction in membership numbers compared with 2107.
During 2018 we have

  • Operated the River Classroom Project which involves school children taking part in river surveys.
  • Operated the hatchery at Dean Castle Park and introduced approximately 15,000 young salmon fry into the river system.
  • Carried out detailed migratory fish surveys, under licence, on the river tributaries.
  • Built 4 access points on the river banks to give anglers better access to the pools with more to follow in 2019.
  • Stocked the reservoir every month since the season opened.
  • Stocked the river in early May.
  • Organised a pre-season meeting with food, raffle prizes, free membership draw and presentation to competition winners.

These items are all ongoing and not many Clubs in the area can boast as many activities as ourselves, all of which are to enhance the fishing’s for our members.
We feel we have got it right but we need your endorsement going forward.

Catch Returns for 2018

As you are all probably aware, our River has been categorised as grade 3 by the governing bodies which means all migratory fish caught must be returned to the water – irrespective of their condition.

The grading has been based on the catch returns submitted by each Club, so it is important that your accurate catch return is made on time to our Vice President by 30th November, so as we can make the mandatory catch returns to Marine Scotland.

These can be either posted or hand delivered to his home address or handed in at the AGM.
Please remember that even if you caught no migratory fish, you should make a return, as your blank return will be put into the raffle draw along with the other returns at the Club’s Pre-Season Meeting in March next year and the winning name drawn from the hat will get a free ticket for the 2019 season if they are in attendance on the night.

John Budge
2 Belleisle Place
Kilmarnock KA1 4UD
Vice President K.A.C
(01563) 533840

Our Thanks
Again, we thank you for your continued support and we hope you will renew your membership in 2019 as without you, the members, we will be unable to fulfil all the Club’s continued objectives into 2019 and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 15th November.                                        


Final 2018 Craigendunton Reservoir Newsletter

Hi to all our members,

Well it’s nearly the time of year when we reluctantly hang up our rods for another season. There is however at the time of writing this newsletter, 25 days of great fishing still available at the Craigendunton.

The loch has now had its October stocking and this completes our programme of eight for the 2018 season. This last batch were as the previous two of stockings, comprised of beautiful hard fighting rainbows and included a few even tougher blue trout, so it’s time to get yourselves up to the loch and enjoy this final three plus weeks.

As in previous letters, my advice for what it’s worth, is definitely get off the dam back and go looking along the banks and the bottom end of the Craig as that’s where I’ve found terrific sport especially if your prepared to do a bit of gentle wading. The patterns that I personally have found to give the best results, are various colours of spiders probably size 12’s, in greens, blacks and reds with an added contrasting wire. This seems to excite the trout as opposed to big lures which I never use, as in my humble opinion, the trout seem to go native after a couple of days in the water.

Please remember to return gently any brown trout that you may get into as they are now well out of season. I noticed that a member of long standing had entered into the catch returns he had caught and kept a brownie, I assume that he” just forgot”.

So tight lines to you all and get yourselves up to the loch and enjoy this perfect water and weather conditions that have definitely excited the resident trout.

All the very best.

David Macsween.


Craigendunton Reservoir Bi-monthly News Letter (August 21018)

I’ll bet a few of us have heard that saying from time to time and it’s never been so relevant as this summer and the extreme conditions we have all faced on our fishing explorations over the last three months and especially our stretch of the river and Craigendunton. The signing in log has recorded our tribulations with many of the 360+ visits by our members to the Craig as nil returns, despite all five months having been superbly stocked as promised. There is a UK shortage of meaningful sized rainbow trout due to the long drawn out winter followed by this three months of oppressive heat decimating fish farms leading to the demise of some. KAC committee took the decision to step up the stocking with hundreds of superb sized and conditioned brownies to ensure that our members have an abundance of fish available.

As the heading suggests it’s not you that has lost the ability to be good anglers, it’s not due to a lack of stocking, it’s purely down to this oppressive heat and the highest water temperatures we’ve experienced since the summer of 1976, resulting in the trout heading out to the middle of the loch and going down deep in order to reach oxygenated water just to survive. As the temperatures return to normal hopefully over the next 4 or 5 weeks I firmly believe that we will experience some superb end of season fishing.

For those of us who still like to explore the entire loch rather than park ourselves on the dam wall, there is still good sport to be had with small fly’s long leaders and slow retrieves especially early mornings and evening times.

The annual Craigendunton competition was held on Sunday the 5th of August at which, despite the conditions, 12 healthy trout came to the nets of seven anglers
( just a pity so few decided to participate) resulting in Murray McAllister having the heaviest bag winning by a margin of 4 ounces over second place and his brother John McAllister having the heaviest individual fish, so well done the McAllister clan.
Finally, for those of you who have been up to the loch you will have noticed that the container has been painted and 400 meters of the bank from the metal bridge along the loch has been strimmed on both sides to assist access for our members.
Tight lines to you all and remember as the heading suggested “it’s not you it’s the conditions.“ Hope to see you all soon up the loch.

David MacSween


Craigendunton Reservoir Bi-monthly News Letter

A good day to all our members, hope you are all managing to wet a line despite the drought that we have been experiencing. It certainly has been relatively hard going, still anglers are no strangers to adversity yet we continue to persevere.

As any of you that have visited the loch over the last 6/8 weeks will know there has been a major drop in water levels compounded by the water board inadvertently leaving the valve open on the dam back, which resulted in approximately in a 4 or 5 foot drop in levels, not helping the drought. We contacted Scottish Water and they took action thankfully, closing the offending valve.

Turning to the fishing this has not been greatly affected by the adverse conditions indeed one member I spoke with said that he preferred the low levels especially on the dam walls so it’s not all bad news. I am finding that going walkabout on every visit certainly is rewarding as the trout are constantly on the move depending on various conditions, ie: bright sun, water temperature, wind conditions and of course time of day. The dam back I find is relatively poor during mid-morning and afternoon with a better action evening into 10pm.Whereas during these times the top of the loch and down the right hand side are definitely the” hot spots “ with floating lines and long leaders say 15/16 feet, producing good action when retrieved slowly as the warm water is making the fish torpid and will not chase anything fast moving.

Turning to flies, I can certainly say that small is beautiful with size 12 but 14 and 16 bring even more productive. Colours that is currently producing good results are black olive and brown this however can change month on month with buzzers definitely being head and shoulders above anything else. Dry flies are also encouraging fish to rise in the evenings but can also be frustrating as you need to be super quick to set the hook.

As a foot note can we ask “all members who visit the loch to please use the bag in the container or on the pole at the steel bridge for their rubbish and old fluorocarbon as a minority seem to think that “ someone else will pick it up.” This is especially but not exclusively on the dam back. It’s your loch treat, it as you would expect to be treated.
Many thanks to the anglers who have visited Craigendunton this season as approximately 70 different members have made over 270 visits to our “wee gem”. Tight lines to you all and hope to see you on the water soon.

David Macsween.


Water depth gauges fitted at The Borri Pool, Sewage Pool and Gatehead Bridge


Another successful Prize Giving and Raffle Night at the Kay Park Bowling Club.

Pictured Colin Gorman ,winner of the River Adult Trophy presented by the president Sandy Logan. Unfortunately the other prize winners were unable to attend. Colin also won the free season ticket draw for the salmon returns slip after six unsuccessful draws out of the hat of non attending members at the prize giving and raffle night.


Many thanks from the committee to Colin Gorman  Rogie and others for the improvement of access to the pools  from Barries Pool to Cambuskeith at Caprington


February at Craigenduton Reservoir Pre-season Peace and Tranquillity


2018 Pre - Season Meeting and Prize Night

Dear Member,

Our 2018 Pre-Season Meeting, which will be held on:-

Friday 9th March at the Kay Park Bowling Club @7 pm

Apart from the pre-season meeting and prize giving, the night will include the popular raffle with an initial free raffle draw for all entrants

Buffet food will also be provided.

There will also be a draw for a free 2018 membership from all the catch returns submitted by the membership for the previous season – the winner has to be in attendance on the night.

The entrance charge of £2 per Adult and £1 for Juniors covers the buffet food.

We hope you can attend and as the evening is open to all, whether members or not, why not bring along a friend to the night – all very welcome.

We appreciate your support given to the Club over the past season and trust you have a good 2018 – tight lines




Annual General Meeting

The Club’s AGM was held on Thursday 16th November which was attended by 24 members - our thanks to those who attended.

  1. All Club Officials and Committee members re- elected with the exception of W. Gilroy, committee member, who has resigned through work commitments and given many years of service to the club

  2. There will be a price increase of £10 for the Adult (now £60)
    Pensioner (now £40) and Associate tickets (now £60) for 2018. Junior tickets, Day Tickets River Irvine, and Craigendunton Day Tickets remain the same. This was proposed and seconded by the members and was carried unopposed.

  3. The River competition is now on the First Sunday of June due to New Legislation for stocking rivers.

  4. The river clean up dates to be arranged and to include Craigendunton Reservoir which will be posted on the website.

  5. Catch & Release Migratory Fish
    The River Irvine and tributaries remain category 3 , therefore, all migratory fish caught must be returned to the water irrespective of their condition. Please use barbless hooks where possible.

  6. Complimentary Tickets
    Complimentary tickets as usual will be available at the CVO for reciprocating Angling Clubs. Collection of a complimentary can be done, by leaving your KAC ticket as deposit with the CVO the day before fishing, with return the day after. For Saturday fishing, collection can be made on the Friday with return on Monday. Only one complimentary per Angler.

    2018 Season Tickets
    Are available for purchase at

    KA1 3GZ
    TEL: 01563 574000

    The CVO is open 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs Monday to Friday

    Visitors fishing permits and complimentary’s available from the





The Scottish Government has announced on the 19th January 2016
that the River Irvine, Garnock and tributaries is now rendered as a
Catch and Release for all migratory fish. (Category 3)

All migratory fish caught must be returned to the water
until further notice.

This announcement, covering Salmon and Sea Trout, will affect all
anglers in Scotland fishing other rivers and not just for our own stretch
of the River Irvine and its Tributaries.

Any updates will be added to the website as soon as they develop.





An overview can be seen at Marine Scotland



Notice to all members

Hymalayan Balsam when in season Please help to remove this evasiveplant                             

Manual pulling. This is a slow technique only really suitable for low density infestations. Pulling should be performed prior to the formation of seed pods. The plant should be uprooted if possible as this ensures that new shoots can’t develop. This method is highly suited to dealing with initial outbreaks of the species.

As HB is an annual and its seed viability is thought to be around two years, it can be eradicated in a relatively short period of time with sufficient effort. Strategic control from the upstream limit would be required to achieve this goal.






In order that the club can contact you please send details of your email address,please click HER

New guidance on handling fish for release
Click here to view "Catch & Release" leflet


Please email details and pictures of any fish you have caught HERE.