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A kindly reminder for those wishing to become KAC members, if you do not have access to online banking and wish to make cash payment. Come along to the Kay Park Bowling Club on any of the following dates between 6pm to 8pm.




Friday 19/01/2024

Friday 09/02/2024

Friday           08/03/2024

These are the only dates available for cash payment


Application Form for Membership

On the application form for membership there is a printing error in the online banking section at the bottom of the page, which contains KAC banking details for making your payment.
The account number has for some reason the numbers 02 tagged on to the end, which is causing some confusion.

Please accept KAC’s apologies for the oversight, however, some of our members managed a payment by simply omitting the 02 and their payment went through no problem.

To avoid further confusion the corrected details of the Clubs bank account are as follows:


KAC ACCOUNT No: 00466484

SORT CODE: 80-08-53


Registration/Catch Returns 2023

A reminder to our members to get their catch returns in by 30th November.
You just complete the form – remove it from the permit, and get it to John before 30th November so he can forward the data to Marine Science Scotland.

A return should be made by all members, even if you didn’t catch fish, for the majority – you just record nil in the catch section and get it back to us in time.

A free 2024 permit is awarded to the lucky member who’s return is drawn out of the hat at the pre season meeting in March 24 and is attendance on the pre season night.

Thanks for all those who have already made their returns


Migratory Catch Returns 2023

Just a reminder to our members that your catch returns for migratory fish must be sent / delivered to our Vice President John Budge before the end of November.

This is a mandatory requirement of KAC as set by Marine Scotland.

A return must be made even if no fish were caught so as Marine Scotland can also establish how much time was put in by KAC members on the river fishing for salmon, grilse and sea trout.

John’s address is shown in your permit middle page


Kilmarnock Angling Club 2023 AGM
16TH November 2023

This is advanced notice that our Annual General Meeting for the current 2023 season is nearly upon us and the details are as follows.

The venue is the Kay Park Bowling Club just off Grassyards Road, New Farm Loch, Kilmarnock KA3 7RT on Thursday the 16th November and the meeting starts at 7pm prompt.

Please remember to bring your current 2023 permit with you for identification purposes as it will be required to gain entry as the meeting is strictly for current members only.

Many thanks to you all and we look forward to welcoming as many of our members as possible.

Thank you in advance


Craigendunton Reservoir Access Road Closure

This posting is to give advance notice to all members who fish the reservoir.

The road to the loch from the concrete Irish bridge up and including the car park will be having major restoration work carried out within the next two weeks to reinstate it once the current work by the Scottish Water contactors on the valve replacement is completed.

This will involve heavy plant and machinery and for health and safety reasons it means that there will be no access of any description by Club members whilst the work is in progress to areas concerned. When we receive the exact dates, we will immediately post them out on facebook and our web site. During the term of the repairs the Club members padlock will be removed from the steel locked gate to prevent anyone who attempts to gain access.  

Please remember that the entire road system must be kept clear of all restrictions 24 hours a day.

In addition, there will be a sign on the farmyard gate advising ALL members that the loch is closed for fishing during the road repairs.

and will be from

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding and we’re confident that our members who enjoy their fishing on the Craig will fully understand and appreciate the work once it has been completed.                                                                     


The Clubs Annual Prize giving and pre- season meeting will be held at the Kay Park Bowling Club on the 3rd March at 7.00 pm.

There will be £500 of great raffle prizes to be won and everyone attending will receive a free raffle draw. Entrance fee will be £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for juniors; this will include a buffet on the night.

Every year all KAC anglers should,  as a matter of course, send in their catch returns to the vice president John Budge. Only those members who have made a return and attend the prize giving will be entered into the free season ticket draw for 2023.


Season Tickets are now available for 2023

The Club are looking to reintroduce the What’s App Work Party for the River and Craigendunton. Anyone interested please contact C Crolla  Craigcrolla@icloud.com with your details in the first instance, or contact Facebook or the Website.

Annual General Meeting 2022

The Club’s AGM was held on Thursday 17th November which was attended by 27 members - our thanks to those who attended.

  1.  All Club Officials and Committee members were re- elected unopposed.
  2.  There was no price increase for 2023 season tickets, Adult ( £60)

Pensioner (£40) and Junior tickets (£10).
Day Tickets for the River Irvine and Craigendunton also remain the same.

    3.   Ticket Changes and Committee Proposals:

The catch limit at Craigendunton of 3 fish per day will remain.
There will no longer be associate members, only members of KAC.
The Craigendunton Adult and Junior competition will now be held on the First Sunday in May with the  River Competition remaining the first Sunday in June.

4.    The river clean up dates to be arranged and to include Craigendunton    
Reservoir which will be posted on the website.

5.    For any member not renewing their season ticket will be reimbursed the £10  paid for the Craigendunton key on receipt of the said key back to the club.

Anybody returning their Club key should contact either
· The Club dedicated phone line (07709 971096) or
· The Club facebook page or
· The Club web site

Leaving their contact number so as they can contacted by the Club to      
organise the £10 reimbursement

6. Catch & Release Migratory Fish
The River Irvine and tributaries still remain category 3, therefore, all migratory fish caught must be returned to the water irrespective of their condition. Please use barbless hooks where possible.


November 2022

November is a busy month for the Club with the forthcoming AGM and end of season activity summaries all to be actioned

Annual General Meeting                                                                                               
Our AGM is being held on Thursday 17th November at the Kay Park Bowling Club starting 7pm sharp and all members should attend as decisions reached at the meeting will affect all the membership in 2023 and possibly beyond.

Due to the increase in membership over the last couple of years it is difficult to “put a face to a name” and to ensure all attendees at the AGM are members of the Club please bring along your 2022 ticket and show it on entry.

Look forward to seeing you all at the important Club’s AGM

Mandatory Migratory Catch Returns                                                                     
With the migratory fishing season ending on 15th November, it is important that your catch returns are made to our Vice President before 31st November so as the mandatory returns are made to Marine Scotland in time – failure to comply will see the Club fined.  
Even if you did not fish the river this year you should still make a nil return.

Beat the Over Winter Blues

The brown trout season ended on 6th October and with the salmon season ending on 15th November fishing activity on the river comes to an end for this year but you can still wet a line and get some sport for rainbows trout at the reservoir up to 31st January 2023.


Notice to All Members 
The road to Cambuskeith Cottage is a private road and not to be used under any circumstances for access to the river, or by members cars for access or parking.  

Please use the alternative access route provided by the club over the style into the farmers field on the right hand side to get to and from the river.



The above annual competition is open to both our adult and junior members with fishing commencing at 10am until 4pm when the weigh in will be held at the club’s container In the car park.

Registration will commence from 9.15am again at the container when you will be required to show your permit in order to take part, please remember it’s a requirement to enter the competition.

All juniors must be accompanied by either a responsible adult member who may fish or a non member adult who cannot fish.

The competition is open to all our members whether you have a gate key or not, as the padlock will be removed at 9am giving every member access. The padlock will be refitted at 5pm when the gate will be locked again.

Only fly fishing or spinning is permitted and a net must be used at all times.
The competition catch limit to be set on the day and the club rules apply.



KAC One of Special Permit Purchasing Evening.

We have  arranged for a special permit purchasing evening to be held at the Kay Park Bowling Club this coming Friday evening the 11th of March between 7pm and 9pm, to allow those of you do not have access to online line banking etc, to get your permits before the beginning of our season which is on the 15th.


The  Clubs Annual Prize giving and pre- season meeting will be held at the          
                Kay Park Bowling Club on the 4th March at 7.00 pm

There will be £500 worth of raffle prizes to be won and everyone attending will receive a free raffle draw. Entrance fee will be £2.00 for adults and £1.00 for juniors, this will include a buffet on the night .
Every year all KAC anglers should as a matter of course send in their catch returns to the vice president John Budge. Only those members who have made a return and attend the prize giving will be entered into the free season ticket draw for 2022.
All Welcome




KAC permits for 2022 season are now available for sale with prices remaining the same as last season as agreed at the 2021 AGM.

The clubs new online banking is now fully operational which allows payment of permits and keys without the need of cash collection, further aided by our new Royal Mail first class postal permit delivery service. This enables members to purchase their permits by one single transaction, which on completion, will generate a first class postal service / service delivery of your new permit. A £1.00 postal or delivery charge is applicable covering the Clubs costs involved when supplying your permit.

1) Apply via the Kilmarnock Angling Club Facebook page using  the private messenger system leaving your full name and address including post code plus a mobile phone contact number.
2). Apply via the Kilmarnock Angling Club website leaving your full name and address including post code plus a mobile phone contact number.

Using both of the above methods, you will be contacted by our permit sales team who will give you all the information you require to successfully complete and purchase you permit.

3). Contact us via the KAC dedicated permit hotline phone number ( not manned 24/7) which is 07305 770187 leaving a brief voicemail or text as above your full name and address including post code and you will be contacted via text or voicemail.

The details you supplied will be held securely by the club and not passed on to any third parties without your written permission.


The following additional new rules/ changes to existing rules are applicable from the commencement of the 2022 season as agreed at the clubs AGM.

The following 3 rules apply to both the river Irvine and tributaries,
Craigendunton Reservoir and Mary’s Loch.

  1. In line with the West of Scotland Protection Order, members must agree to bag inspections on request.
  2. Appropriate landing nets to be carried and used at all times when landing fish.
  3. For catch and release netted fish should be kept in the water whilst being unhooked using wetted hands to prevent fish scale damage and premature fish loss. Barbless hooks preferable.

Craigendunton Reservoir and Mary’s Loch.
All of the above rules plus the following.

  1. Floats prohibited.
    Sight/strike indicators limited to 15 mm maximum diameter.
    All sight/strike hooked indicators are strictly prohibited.
  2. No multi or tandem hooked flies/lures to be used.
  3. No scented flies/lures, lumi grubs or their derivatives to be used.
  4. Spinning rods limited to 10 feet maximum length with spinning lures restricted to 50 mm maximum length, maximum lure weight of 12 grams.
  5. No camping or fires allowed at any time.


Annual General Meeting

The Club’s AGM was held on Thursday 18th November which was attended by 26 members - our thanks to those who attended.

1. All Club Officials and Committee members were re- elected unopposed;

2. There was no price increase for 2022 season tickets Adult ( £60)
Pensioner ( £40) and Associate tickets ( £60). Junior tickets, Day Tickets River Irvine, and Craigendunton Day Tickets also remain the same;
3. The river clean up dates to be arranged and to include Craigendunton Reservoir which will be posted on the website;

4. Rule changes and new rules for 2022 as shown above;

5. Catch & Release Migratory Fish
The River Irvine and tributaries still remain category 3 , therefore, all migratory fish caught must be returned to the water irrespective of their condition. Please use barbless hooks where possible.


To All Members
The locked access gate has been moved to 100 metres from the concrete bridge that crosses the Dunton burn and the club padlock will be fixed to the new gate.

The Farmers gate is still there at the farm  but will not be locked  - Please ensure you keep it closed after you pass through.

The Club will erect a sign after Craigendunton House to remind anglers of the new locked gate and the no parking and  no u turn restrictions at the new gate location.



     Scottish Water Fishing Lease Covid 19
              Craigendunton Reservoir.

To all members.

Each member must individually take responsibility to ensure their own wellbeing whilst carrying out your fishing activities in an appropriate way to help prevent the spread of the virus and to help keep your fellow anglers and all others safe. It is very important that all fishing activities follow the Government guidance on Covid-19 (copy in container for perusal) and so long as this is being done, fishing can continue on Scottish Water’s Reservoirs.

Any verified breaches of the Government guidelines will be investigated by Scottish Water and will have serious consequences for the individuals and the Club

Scottish Government rules each member must sanitise their hands using their own personal sanitiser prior to opening and closing all access gates when traveling to and from the reservoir and accessing the Club container, thus enabling you to take the necessary actions to protect yourself, plus our neighbours and others from Covid19 who may use the same gates.
In line with the Scottish government track and trace regulations and the written rules and regulations as stated in your permit, the club are required to keep a daily activity log. Every member must sign in and out on the club register, just inside the container where hand sanitizer is provided for your use. There is no requirement for members to enter the container as the register is on the table right at the door.
So if you don’t sign in no fishing is allowed.

All members must park their vehicles as per the three diagrams on the club Facebook and Web pages and signage at reservoir, to ensure a minimum 2 metre distancing is adhered, also a copy of these parking diagrams is available for your inspection on the container table adjacent to the signing in log.

All anglers must use their own nets.

When traveling to and from angling it is mandatory and in line with Scottish Government rules that only one angler per car is strictly adhered to, the only exception is another person who is in permanent residence at same address as the driver.





More improvement work carried out by Colin & Rogie at Caprington.

Great work Lads, much appreciated



Water depth gauges fitted at The Borri Pool, Sewage Pool and Gatehead Bridge


Many thanks from the committee to Colin Gorman  Rogie and others for the improvement of access to the pools  from Barries Pool to Cambuskeith at Caprington


February at Craigenduton Reservoir Pre-season Peace and Tranquillity




The Scottish Government has announced on the 19th January 2016
that the River Irvine, Garnock and tributaries is now rendered as a
Catch and Release for all migratory fish. (Category 3)

All migratory fish caught must be returned to the water
until further notice.

This announcement, covering Salmon and Sea Trout, will affect all
anglers in Scotland fishing other rivers and not just for our own stretch
of the River Irvine and its Tributaries.

Any updates will be added to the website as soon as they develop.





An overview can be seen at Marine Scotland



Notice to all members

Hymalayan Balsam when in season Please help to remove this evasiveplant                             

Manual pulling. This is a slow technique only really suitable for low density infestations. Pulling should be performed prior to the formation of seed pods. The plant should be uprooted if possible as this ensures that new shoots can’t develop. This method is highly suited to dealing with initial outbreaks of the species.

As HB is an annual and its seed viability is thought to be around two years, it can be eradicated in a relatively short period of time with sufficient effort. Strategic control from the upstream limit would be required to achieve this goal.

In order that the club can contact you please send details of your email address,please click HER

New guidance on handling fish for release
Click here to view "Catch & Release" leflet


Please email details and pictures of any fish you have caught HERE.